In order to investigate the social perception of organic waste separation we made a questionnaire. It is available online through the following link:

Or by scanning this QR code with your smartphone:

If you live in Amsterdam please help us out and answer the questionnaire! It will take less  than 5 minutes!

You also get the possibility of winning two amazing prizes!

Prize n1.       Dinner for two at Instock

Instock is an organization that prevents unsold food from supermarkets from being wasted and instead cooks delicious meals out of it. Food waste unfortunately is a big part of organic waste. Worldwide it has been calculated that more than 1.3 billion of food is wasted each year. A big fraction of it is wasted while still packaged and unused because of the very strict legislations about expiration dates. Therefore it is very important to support these kinds of organisations that work actively in waste prevention.

Prize n2.      Ekoplaza Voucher worth 20 ‎€

Ekoplaza is a chain of supermarkets that support organic and biologic products coming from a fair market. It offers a range of products from food to detergents that are not dangerous for your health nor the environment and have been produced respecting ethical and sustainability values. This chain recently opened the first supermarket completely without plastic in Amsterdam.

The prizes have been chosen appropriately to support conscious organisations like Instok and Ekoplaza. This is because even the most circular and sustainable waste management strategy is not efficient enough without being backed by the principle of sustainable consumption.

The questionnaire will be open for answers until October 2018. After that, the winners will be randomly selected among the responders and contacted by email.